For over 25 years John Dembeck has worked in both business and ministry.  He has functioned in several different key leadership roles in businesses and has been the Chief Operations Officer for three of them, all while serving in a pastoral role in his local church.  John has risen to the top of the corporate ladder and he’s also been kicked to the curb.  It’s from these life experiences that John shares his story and how he believes Christian professionals can “fully expresses” who God has created them to be.

This full expression comes from the planting of the “Seeds” in each life.  The seeds of work, faith and significance.

From inside board room to out at the watercooler, John has had many opportunities to counsel fellow Christian professionals to apply Biblical principles in everyday decisions. John’s message has been tailored to help professionals approach work as an act of worship as they put their hands to the plow.  It is with this burden, that John launched the “Seeds to Life” ministry.

The gospel is at the heart of the ministry and will encourage all to be in right relationship with God and those around them for the benefit of the kingdom. Winning souls to Christ is an intended bi-product as Christians thrive in their work and shine in their communities.  All are encouraged to consider and manifest the characteristics of integrity, courage, generosity, compassion, humility, and leaving a legacy of faith.

Seeds to Life seeks to partner with individuals, churches and businesses to support the ministry and share in the vision.  John's heart is to offer encouragement without a cost and relies on the generosity of churches, businesses and those that have benefited from the ministry to fund the work of the ministry.  John sends out a weekly devotional to his email subscribers to those who partner with the ministry.  He also hosts a weekly podcast with interviews with prominent business professionals and ministry leaders sharing their experiences.  Please consider partnering with John and Seeds to Life to bring this ministry to the marketplace.

John has been married to his wife Cindy for over 30 years, they have four children and currently reside in the Dallas Texas area.

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