Are You A Truth Teller?

"The godly hate lies; the wicked cause shame and disgrace."  Proverbs 13:5 NLT

"The godly hate lies!"   This is a simple statement, but like many other scriptures, could be glanced over without considering its power and meaning.  To digest the meaning of the statement it is necessary to take a closer look at the individual words and their definitions.  For the sake of brevity, I just want to consider a basic definition of each of the significant words in the statement: "The godly hate lies:"

The Godly - Those that are seeking to live their lives according to the commands and principles given to us by God through His Word.  Those who outwardly behave in a manner that reflects their desire and devotion to the Lord.

Hate - Feel strong aversion or intense dislike for, implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.

Lies - Expressions that are false, often intended to deceive or manipulate others.  An intentional untruth.

It would be a mistake to minimize the significance of the word hate in this context.  Sometimes we can say we hate something, when we really mean to say that we avoid it because we dislike it (Like me and lima beans!).  While that is a common expression, it is not the intended meaning in this context.  Hate in this context is not meaning that we should simply avoid lies, but that there would be a prompting of action to intentionally avoid and correct the lies that may be in our lies.  In a real sense that we would seek to destroy them.

Looking at these words and meanings, it sponsors the following devotional thought in my own heart.

"The Godly will have a keen sensitivity to lies, and will be truthful in their words and deeds.  Those that are seeking to follow the Lord and demonstrate their devotion to living out His principles, will have a strong aversion to lies that are thought, spoken and acted upon and will take corrective action to bring truth."

Why should we have such an aversion to even one lie?  In the words of Thomas Jefferson:

"He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time till at length it becomes habitual. " 

The opposite of the Godly are the Wicked.  The consequences of what they do cause "shame and disgrace."  By implication in this verse, you can recognize them by their conduct.  They tell lies. If you have told or lived out any lies, confess them, repent of them and be forgiven.

And then be a truth teller:

"But speaking the truth in love [in all things—both our speech and our lives expressing His truth], let us grow up in all things into Him [following His example] who is the Head—Christ."  Ephesians 4:15 AMP

This week, in your words and actions, be a truth teller.

In His Hands,


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