Choose The Right Path

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"The way of the godly leads to life; that path does not lead to death." Proverbs 12:28 NLT

Which way are you going?  Good question!

I, like many of you, really enjoy the convenience of GPS. I like to know where I am going, how I am going to get there, and what obstacles may be along the way. Truthfully, I wish that many things in life could have the same directions laid out. Whether it was relationships, retirement, education or career, wouldn't it be nice to have it all laid out? Not only knowing where you were headed, but exactly how to get there. Or would it?  If we had all of that information we might miss the adventure, the creativity, or we might even change the destination based upon the challenges of the route. GPS is destination oriented and works well for the purpose of navigation. The path is calculated after you decide upon your destination.  Life is different. It starts with the path you choose and leads to the life you live. Your destination is determined by your path. 

Robert Frost famously wrote in his poem The Road Not Taken

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveledby,
And that has made all the difference

The road less traveled might be a little bit unpredictable and it might even be a little bit difficult. But the choice is ours. We can accept what comes to us, or choose a godly path that leads to life. John Maxwell writes that "Everything that is worthwhile is uphill."Even though the path may have us traveling uphill for a season, that should not deter us. Living godly sometimes is challenging, but it is always life giving.

 A life well lived begins with a path that is chosen.  

It all starts with a choice. 
The way is chosen. The path is taken. The destination is certain. 

"The way of the godly leads to life."

This week, choose the right path.

If you are already on it, keep going. If you are not, make a decision today to change your route.

Herbert Hoover wrote that - "Wisdom comes not so much in knowing what to do in the ultimate as in knowing what to do next."

You know what to do, what will you do next?

In His Hands,


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