Getting to the Root Cause

"Whoever walks in uprightness fears the Lord, but he who is devious in his ways despises him." Proverbs 14:2 ESV

There is the principle of cause and effect described in this week's verse.

If you turn on the news, you will also see an effort to link cause and effect, but with a missing element

In the culture we live in today, when we see actions, good or bad, the news report searches for a motive. Why did they do it? There is a search for motivation, but there is a deeper element. Character.

Character gives birth to motivation and motivation produces action.  Expressed differently, you might think of symptoms, causes and conditions. I might have a headache (symptom), that came from high blood pressure (cause) that is a result of my lifestyle (condition). I could take an aspirin and get rid of the headache, take a pill to control the blood pressure, or make lifestyle changes to eliminate the cause. When it comes to health, focusing on staying in good condition is the best for the prevention of symptoms.

When we observe actions in culture, and follow the news report in discussing motivations, we should realize that real solutions are not found in discovering motivations, but are found in the examination of character. Good character produces righteous motivations, and righteous motivations lead to upright living.

This week ask the Lord to search your heart to reveal those areas that might need a character "tune up".  Maybe that is just what is needed to change the trajectory of your life.

And in the meantime beware of those who are devious in their ways, the Bible says that they despise the Lord.

In His Hands,


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