“If I Am Being Honest…”

"A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness breathes out lies."  Proverbs 14:5 ESV

It is a common expression: "If I am being honest."

"If I am being honest...."  It is an expression used by many, and is seemingly harmless.  It is typically used to reveal something about yourself that you may have otherwise kept private. Something you like or don't like perhaps. An example might be "If I am being honest, I really did not enjoy the show." If that is the intention, there may be a better phrase to use.

The problem with the phrase is that baked into the statement of "If I am being honest" is the idea that perhaps other things that are said are not honest. In plain words, they are lies. Otherwise why would it be necessary to use the phrase? Would that then mean that if I don't use the phrase other things I am about to say may or not be true? It depends on the pattern that I have set. 

"A faithful witness does not lie." Lies tend to snowball. Maybe with the first one there is a pricked conscience, but as time goes on it becomes a pattern, then it becomes a practice so much so that every breath includes lies.  "A false witness breathes out lies." 

Be a faithful witness and tell the truth all of the time. 

And next time you are tempted to use the words "If I am being honest" to make a point or reveal something that you are thinking. Try using the phrase "If I am being candid" instead. It might more accurately represent your sentiment and avoid the reference to other times not being truthful.

In His Hands,


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