It’s Time to Soar

"Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest." - Proverbs 14:‬4 NLT

Have you ever seen an eagle soar? The majesty, the grace, and the wonder of flight are all fully on display. If you know anything about eagles, you know that the beginning of flying did not begin with graceful soaring, rather it likely began as rather clumsy and quite terrifying.  There was that initial moment when the young bird was forced out of the nest to begin fulfilling what an eagle is made to do. Soar. Without that first step, flight would be a fantasy not a reality.

Left to its' own, an eaglet may instead choose to stay in the safety of the nest and miss out on what it was designed to do. Making safety a practice is OK, but making it the ultimate priority will have its consequences.  John Shedd reflects that "ships in the harbor are safe, but that's not what ships are built for."  Ships in the harbor miss out on what they have been built for by the designer.  We also have a Designer who has built us with a purpose.

In this passage we learn that if we don't have an ox, we will have a clean stable. But a clean stable was never the goal, a harvest was the goal.

Whether it be eagles that soar, ships that sail, or harvest that is yielded, they all begin with an element of risk, maybe discomfort or maybe even an initial failure. CS Lewis said this about failure. “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”  Sometimes failure isn't an end it is a beginning.

This week, I want you consider taking a step in a direction to reach your potential.

"God created you so that your life would count, not so you would count the days of your life." - Erwin McManus

Maybe it's time for you to soar!

In His Hands,


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